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Exclusive offer Victoria - Quality Support / Ndis Registration assistance by Experts for Agency Contracted facilities. T&c apply

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Triniti Nursing Agency has been providing registered nurses, enrolled nurses, and assistants in nursing in various settings. and we are the leading provider of healthcare and aged care services in New South Wales and Victoria. We have established partnerships with various local facilities to support the healthcare sector in the region. Our partnerships have played a crucial role in addressing skill and staff shortages in the healthcare industry.

We take pride in our highly skilled workforce, comprising a diverse range of healthcare and hospitality professionals. Committed to delivering quality services with flexibility, Triniti Nurse Services fosters connections among healthcare professionals, organizations, and individuals, offering comprehensive staffing solutions. Our key features include:

  • The premier nursing agency in New South Wales and Victoria, led by nurses for nurses.
  • Receive professional and expert service from our dedicated management and bookings team.
  • Providing compassionate services for diverse healthcare needs, including disability and elderly care.
  • Recognized as the best nursing agency in the Central Coast.

Innovative and affordable staffing solution for aging care. (the lowest claiming rate for aged care providers in New South Wales and Victoria)

Established in 2018 by a dedicated team of experienced registered nurses in Victoria and New South Wales, Triniti has the operational scale to deliver services at competitive rates.

We actively recruit daily across New South Wales and Victoria. As a result, we have a pool of skilled RNs, ENs, and assistant nurses available to provide the support you need when you need it. This means you can optimize your staffing level by calling on us when you need nursing or healthcare staff, whether for an emergency shift or long-term; feel free to contact us anytime.

Our clinical staff

  • Registered Nurses
  • Enrolled Nurses
  • Assistants in Nursing

Support Staff

  • Multi-skilled support workers
  • Patient services assistants
  • Disability support workers
  • Domestic assistants/cleaners
  • Laundry assistants

Hospitality Staff

  • Chefs
  • Kitchen Hands
  • Food Service Attendants

The healthcare organization will be provided access to our staff bank portal and can book staff available for the shift. You can also view and request future bookings. Once our team accepts the shift, you will receive an automated notification email confirming attendance with a brief staff profile. You can also request to cancel a booking that has been confirmed earlier. This saves you valuable time and resources by avoiding lengthy phone calls and waiting for return phone call confirmation.


Our pool of healthcare staff comprises extensively trained and skilled employees who possess rich experience in the healthcare industry. They are reliable and fully equipped to meet your specific requirements, whether you need them for a short-term contract lasting just a few weeks or a longer-term commitment lasting several months. We understand that each healthcare facility has unique staffing needs, and we are committed to providing you with the right personnel to meet those needs. Our healthcare staff is dedicated to providing exceptional patient care, and they are always up-to-date with the latest healthcare practices and protocols.


  • A direct online booking system for the roster coordinator, RN, and staff members.
  • Dedicated to community-oriented care
  • The best nursing agency in New South Wales Led by registered nurses.
  • Skilled and experienced staff members
  • Dedicated 24/7 support from the Triniti team


Triniti believes that it is essential that all nurses are well-paid and have access to flexible work hours.
We pay higher rates for Nurses and Assistants in Nursing. We listen to you and put our nurses first.