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Plan Management

Triniti Home Care is a registered NDIS service provider offering a plan management service to disabled people and their families. We know from our own experience how hard it can be to find independent services and navigate the NDIS journey.

We place our participants at the heart of everything we do at Triniti Home Care. All NDIS participants and their families receive guidance on navigating their NDIS plans with confidence from us.

Triniti Home Care Plan Management helps you manage your NDIS funding. That funding can help you access the support and services you need to achieve your goals and live an independent life. Plan Management processes claims from your service providers and manages your NDIS funding. However, we offer more than just financial services.

Getting to know you is important to us. Our mission is to help you understand your NDIS plan funding, as well as what it can be used for. In addition, we stay in touch with you at key moments during the term of your policy. With our Plan Management service, we will provide you with:

  • We provide expert personal advice tailored to your needs.
  • We ensure you maximise your funding.
  • We clarify what can be purchased with your financing.
  • We simplify the NDIS experience for you.

Ready to take control and more easily manage your NDIS Funding? Or do you want to find out if Plan Management is right for you? Connect with Triniti Home Care today. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The financial administration of NDIS funds on behalf of participants is known as plan management. Paying suppliers, handling insurance, and monitoring expenditures and budgets are all included.

Triniti Home Care ensures that participants have greater choice and control over their support by providing skilled Plan Managers who manage the administrative duties related to NDIS financing.

Participants can access a broader range of NDIS-registered providers, including mainstream services, without worrying about the financial management aspects. It also provides transparency and support in navigating NDIS funding.