Assistance with Social and Community Participation


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Assistance with Social and Community Participation

At Triniti Home Care, we recognise the importance of community and social interaction in enhancing mental health and fostering a positive outlook on life. Our vision is to create diverse communities within our NDIS participants group through various community and social participation programs designed to empower individuals with disabilities. While challenging and sometimes disheartening, these activities offer immense benefits and fulfilment. We are dedicated to helping you feel connected to your community, as this connection is vital for the physical and emotional well-being of people with disabilities. Triniti Home Care offers community and social participation programs to ensure everyone can engage, interact, and thrive.

Our Approach

At Triniti Home Care, our approach to community participation begins with our experienced support workers getting to know each participant fully. We identify various skills and areas of interest to offer the most holistic, outcome-focused community support. Our commitment is to provide personalised support that delivers the best results and meets the evolving needs of our NDIS participants.

  • Knowing Our Participants – Everyone has different needs, interests, and hobbies. We offer the most extensive, outcome-focused community support tailored to each person.
  • Choosing Activities – We discuss potential activities that align with the participant’s capabilities and interests. It may include activities that enhance creativity, intelligence, physical fitness, or technological skills.
  • Expanding Your Horizons – We encourage participants to try new things and experiences, such as arts and crafts, technology, or fitness activities.
  • Group Or Individual Learning – Participants can choose to learn skills individually or join a group, based on their preference.
  • Connecting with others – Meeting new people at various social events helps participants form connections. You will encounter individuals from different walks of life who share your interests, making new friends every day with us.

Triniti Home Care is dedicated to creating a supportive environment where everyone can engage, interact, and thrive through various community and social participation programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Community Participation provides support and assistance to individuals with disabilities, enabling them to access and participate in various community activities and services that cater to their specific needs.

Your NDIS planner or Triniti Home Care can assist you in finding suitable community activities. We can provide information on local groups, events, and programs that align with your interests and help you get involved.

Triniti Home Care Community Services assists people and their loved ones to get involved and interact with the bigger community. We provide advice, help, guidance and inspiration so that you can achieve your social interaction and leisure goals.