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NDIS Services

We,the dedicated team of NDIS providers in Central Coast,Campbelltown and Liverpool ensure comprehensive support for participants in their day-to-day activities. This includes aiding participants with:

  • Showering, bathing, dressing, oral hygiene, and grooming.
  • Bladder and bowel management, and toileting.
  • Eating and drinking.
  • Attending appointments.
  • Use of appliances and aids, communication, and hearing devices.
  • Being mobile at home, i.e., support moving on and off the toilet and in and out of bed.
  • Basic first aid administered due to the participant's disability and the application of splints.

Whether living alone, with family, or other individuals, our disability services in Central Coast,Campbelltown and Liverpool extend to assisting NDIS participants with educational,

recreational, social, or employment tasks, and even during holiday periods. We prioritize an individualized approach, ensuring participants receive the tailored support they need to enhance their independence and well-being. We assist our NDIS participants with essential household services, including meal preparation, home and garden maintenance, cleaning, and laundry, that they may not be able to perform independently. As trusted NDIS providers in Liverpool,Campbelltown and Central Coast, our goal is to ensure that these services contribute to the well-being and independence of our NDIS participants.

Meal preparation services involve the development of participant meal plans where the following factors are taken into account:

  • allergies,
  • food/drink preferences,
  • religious food requirements,
  • eating and drinking supervision requirements,
  • meal times,
  • whether the participant can eat out,
  • whether the participant has a complex physical disability and requires positioning and turning of food to maintain airway safety and avoid choking risk and in pressure care.

+ Sub-Services +

How we support you


Assistance with Personal Activities

Individuals with disabilities face challenges in carrying out their everyday tasks and are left with no choice but to seek help from outside sources. The NDIS offers high-intensity daily personal activity programs to improve their quality of life.

Help with everyday personal activities; the NDIS is created to give you the calm you can't achieve due to the challenges your disability presents. The help for your daily tasks is essential since these are typically the activities that could cause you stress if they are challenging to complete.

At Triniti Home Care, we provide a one-on-one professional assistant who handles the everyday activities of our clients, assisting them to develop their independence. We understand that everyone has unique requirements and objectives, so we aim to tailor our support for daily personal activities according to the NDIS plan of each participant. The daily personal care tasks we address include:

Gourmet Facility Services

House Cleaning and Other Household Activities

Keeping your home tidy and safe is key to living a happy and robust life. But, this means doing regular tasks such as cleaning, washing clothes, preparing meals, etc. If you have a disability, getting some assistance for these essential tasks daily might be necessary. Triniti Home Care's skilled professionals are here to assist you with cleaning and various household activities, making your living environment secure and enjoyable. Our team is committed to offering continuous assistance and support, helping you achieve the independence you desire.

What We Offer:

Regular Cleaning

Triniti offers dependable and thorough regular cleaning services to keep your home pristine and inviting. We provide personalised schedules; weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to suit your needs.

  • Reliable and meticulous cleaning
  • Personalised cleaning schedules
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly options
  • Detailed checklists for consistent quality
  • Customisable cleaning with an "Hourly Rates" option
  • Commitment to creating a healthier, more comfortable home


Assistance with Social and Community Participation

At Triniti Home Care, we recognise the importance of community and social interaction in enhancing mental health and fostering a positive outlook on life. Our vision is to create diverse communities within our NDIS participants group through various community and social participation programs designed to empower individuals with disabilities. While challenging and sometimes disheartening, these activities offer immense benefits and fulfilment. We are dedicated to helping you feel connected to your community, as this connection is vital for the physical and emotional well-being of people with disabilities. Triniti Home Care offers community and social participation programs to ensure everyone can engage, interact, and thrive.

Our Approach

At Triniti Home Care, our approach to community participation begins with our experienced support workers getting to know each participant fully. We identify various skills and areas of interest to offer the most holistic, outcome-focused community support. Our commitment is to provide personalised support that delivers the best results and meets the evolving needs of our NDIS participants.


Coordination of Life Stage Transitions

Navigating life's transitions is tough, especially for individuals with disabilities. Whether it's moving to a new home, school, university, or work, extra care and support are crucial. That's where Triniti Home Care's NDIS-supported life-stage transition services can make a difference.

We offer assisted life stage transition NDIS support to all eligible participants in Central Coast, Liverpool, and Campbelltown. Whether you want to be closer to your family or relocate for work, you will want an easy and hassle-free process. We understand this need. Our social workers will deliver the right support that you need. Our Life Stage Transition program offers both short- and long-term support, focusing on assistance with living at home, community participation, and coordinating your own support. The following are some of the common supports included in our NDIS-assisted life stage transition:

  • Support connection and coordination
  • Assistance with accommodation, tenancy obligations
  • Mentoring, peer support
  • Individual skill development
  • Assistance with decision-making and planning



Assistance with Travel and Transport

Travel assistance may seem straightforward for several people but it poses a significant challenge to the physically challenged as far as moving from one point to the other is concerned.

Individuals with disabilities frequently face mobility challenges, including difficulties in accessing and securing transportation, whether public or private. If you or your loved one has a disability, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides extensive support services to help you lead a fulfilling life.

Triniti Home Care is a trusted and registered NDIS transport provider in Central Coast, Liverpool, and Campbelltown, offering reliable transportation assistance for individuals with disabilities. If your NDIS plan includes transport assistance, our disability transportation services can meet your travel needs. We offer reliable and competent travel support with licensed, trained drivers. Our NDIS transport service is flexible, allowing you to travel conveniently according to your schedule. Our Travel/Transport assistance includes but is not limited to:

  • Accessing healthcare services and medical appointments
  • Attending social events or community participation activities
  • Attending educational institutions without obstacles.
  • Grocery shopping and retail outings
  • Travel around your area


Community Nursing Care for High Care Needs

Depending on their disability, participants require varying levels of medical care and attention. Triniti Home Care's community nursing care program emphasizes participant independence in managing their health. Through this Community Nursing Care program, participants receive training in medication management, wound care, hygiene, and assistance with showering or dressing. A registered nurse or medical practitioner oversees the patient's progress and adjusts treatment and medication as needed. Here are the services offered under the community nursing care program:

Our services include:

  • Wound care
  • Assessment of prior and ongoing health conditions and treatments
  • Assistance with participant's needs and frequency of assistance
  • Hygiene management
  • Monitoring of stoma (if applicable)
  • Enteral feeding support
  • Tube feeding support
  • Management of additional medical issues arising from initial conditions
  • Management of risk factors for complications
  • Prevention and mitigation strategies for health issues
  • Ongoing health assessments
  • Treatment administration
  • Maintenance of medical and other equipment
  • Emergency medical support


Assistance with Daily Living and Shared Living

Living alone and living with others can be quite different experiences for someone with a disability. Some people flourish in a shared living arrangement, while others prefer the independence of their own space. That's why the NDIS offers support funding for both scenarios through the NDIS shared living/daily tasks program.

At Triniti Home Care, we provide shared living arrangements that offer numerous benefits for people with disabilities. These services are a fantastic way to encourage social interaction, companionship, and mutual support. Living with others, especially those with similar needs and interests, helps create a sense of community and reduces feelings of isolation. Additionally, shared living can sometimes make caregiving more efficient, ensuring participants get the help they need while still maintaining their independence. Below you can see a few examples of ways Triniti Home Care can help you with daily tasks and shared living supports:

  • Assistance from a personal support worker
  • Support and supervision of daily tasks
  • Help with personal care and accommodation needs
  • Developing the skills and mindset to live with others
  • Support with household chores, shopping, and budgeting
  • Option between hands-on help and general supervision
  • Encouraging participants to live independently
  • Promoting social and community engagement


Development of Life Skills

Everyone develops life skills, those tools we use to tackle everyday situations. However, the path can be different for people with disabilities. They might not have had the same opportunities to learn or face specific challenges that require unique solutions. 

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) offers a variety of programs to empower you to achieve your goals and live life to the fullest, no matter your disability.

Everyone deserves to be able to thrive on their own terms. At Triniti Home Care, we go the extra mile by offering personalized skill-building programs for individuals with disabilities. Each participant has different needs, so we offer a variety of personalised services designed specifically for you or your loved one who needs support due to a disability.

Our committed aids make sure you can have a happy life by helping with necessary things both now and in the future. To promote independence and create new opportunities for a more self-sufficient future, we provide a range of resources and services.

Here are some ways Triniti Home Care can assist you with developing life skills:

  • Assistance with daily living tasks, including personal hygiene and self-care
  • Help with meal planning and preparation, including learning to cook healthy meals
  • Support with budgeting and managing finances
  • Social skills development and relationship-building guidance
  • Assistance with organising and managing daily tasks and routines
  • Support in developing work-related skills and finding employment opportunities
  • Help with learning new hobbies and interests
  • Strategies for managing stress and anxiety
  • Support in transitioning to independent living arrangements

By empowering individuals with essential daily living and life skills, we enhance independence and improve their quality of life. This positive impact also benefits families and caregivers. Are you interested in our support services? Contact Triniti Home Care today.


Plan Management

Triniti Home Care is a registered NDIS service provider offering a plan management service to disabled people and their families. We know from our own experience how hard it can be to find independent services and navigate the NDIS journey.

We place our participants at the heart of everything we do at Triniti Home Care. All NDIS participants and their families receive guidance on navigating their NDIS plans with confidence from us.

Triniti Home Care Plan Management helps you manage your NDIS funding. That funding can help you access the support and services you need to achieve your goals and live an independent life. Plan Management processes claims from your service providers and manages your NDIS funding. However, we offer more than just financial services.

Getting to know you is important to us. Our mission is to help you understand your NDIS plan funding, as well as what it can be used for. In addition, we stay in touch with you at key moments during the term of your policy. With our Plan Management service, we will provide you with:

  • We provide expert personal advice tailored to your needs.
  • We ensure you maximise your funding.
  • We clarify what can be purchased with your financing.
  • We simplify the NDIS experience for you.

Ready to take control and more easily manage your NDIS Funding? Or do you want to find out if Plan Management is right for you? Connect with Triniti Home Care today. 


Therapeutic Supports

As an NDIS participant, you will likely receive therapy support to help you maintain or achieve greater independence and function. Therapeutic support services are crucial within the NDIS framework, offering essential assistance in areas where participants need it most.

These services are designed to help individuals participate in everyday activities and achieve greater independence. NDIS Therapeutic Support provides participants with disabilities with the means to achieve their goals and live a more fulfilling life. There are a variety of services offered to enhance daily living skills, communication, social interaction, and overall well-being. Whether you need help with mobility, personal care, or managing a specific condition, NDIS therapeutic supports offer personalised tools and strategies to help you thrive.

Triniti Home Care, with years of experience in the NDIS sector, values family deeply. We prioritise the comfort and well-being of your loved ones, ensuring they can live comfortably at home with ease. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering exceptional care standards. We offer a wide range of Therapeutic support services tailored specifically to an individual’s needs.

  • Nursing assessment and support
  • Counselling services
  • Support for community engagement
  • Community nursing for continence aids
  • Therapy assistant services
  • Assessment, recommendations, therapy, or training
  • Dietitian consultations (Dietetics)
  • Exercise physiology and personal training
  • Counselling for employment-related issues
  • Psychology Services for Early Childhood Intervention
  • Psychology services
  • Occupational therapy
  • Specialist behavior intervention
  • Improved relationships
  • Capacity building
  • Improved daily living support
  • Enhanced social skills


Specialist Disability Accommodation

Triniti Home Care Disability Accommodation provides housing solutions for individuals with disabilities who need specialized support from professionals for daily activities. These trained specialists assist individuals with specific challenges, promoting independence and skill development. Our support covers personal care, mobility, nutrition, and other essential needs.

Do you or someone you care about have a disability? Specialist Disability Accommodation, funded by the NDIS, can help create a more independent and fulfilling life. Triniti Home Care paves the way for a brighter, more inclusive future!

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) offers housing for NDIS participants with significant functional impairments or high support needs. It includes support services aimed at promoting greater independence and access to necessary assistance for achieving therapeutic and functional goals. Triniti Home Care provides supported living options and services throughout numerous suburbs in Central Coast, Liverpool, and Campbelltown. Our NDIS Accommodation Service Offerings Consist Of The Following;

  • NDIS Short-Term Accommodation
  • Medium-Term Accommodation
  • NDIS Shared living
  • Supported Independent Living (SIL)
  • NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation


Support Coordination

Need assistance managing and navigating the NDIS system? The support coordination service is an NDIS-funded service aimed at better utilizing your NDIS funding. Understanding what your funding covers is complex, and managing it can be even more challenging.

Our goal is to simplify things by assisting you in navigating the NDIS system, identifying optimal uses for your funding, and ensuring you derive maximum benefit from your plan.

At Triniti Home Care, our expert Disability Support Coordinators bring extensive experience in the disability sector. They are dedicated to helping you maximize your NDIS plan. We equip you with the skills to understand and implement your plan effectively, offering a balanced blend of support to foster positive relationships and build the confidence to live independently and engage actively in your community. Our support coordinators are exceptionally adaptable and adept at guiding you through unexpected changes or hurdles. Recognizing that your needs may evolve, our team collaborates closely with you and your support network to ensure your NDIS goals and life aspirations are achieved. We prioritize your goals and needs, remaining steadfast in our commitment to assisting you with your chosen support.

We can assist you to:

  • Connect with informal and formal supports
  • Gain independence in selecting and initiating the right services for your needs
  • Explore activities, services, and social connections that are meaningful to you
  • Manage your support, including assessments for complex or changing requirements.
  • Make sure the services you choose align with your goals
  • Maximize the benefits of your NDIS plan


Frequently Asked Questions

The NDIS, or National Disability Insurance Scheme, is a program funded by the Australian government. The program's objectives are to raise their standard of living and provide them with easier access to necessities. This is done by funding support needs and services.

NDIS participants must meet certain requirements to be eligible. These include:

  • Australian citizens or permanent residents
  • Being under 65 when you apply
  • A permanent disability that significantly affects your everyday life.

To apply for the NDIS, fill out the Access Request Form. It asks you to provide details about your disability, how it impacts your daily life, and any current support you are receiving. Some parts might need your doctor or healthcare professional's signature if they know your condition well. For general inquiries and to connect with our specialized team for assistance in accessing the Scheme, please contact Triniti Home Care.