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Chefs & Cooks

We differentiate between Chefs and Cooks based on their tasks and experience levels. While both are trained, it's their post-training experience that distinguishes them. For instance, a Chef typically has five or more years of kitchen experience post-qualification, with an additional five to ten years needed for a Head Chef role. This progression often involves managing kitchen teams and various culinary tasks.

When a client requests a Cook, we assess the duties involved. If the role requires kitchen management and leadership, we consider it more suited to a Chef. We aim to manage expectations, avoiding situations where individuals are given tasks beyond their expertise. Understanding each chef's strengths and the specific needs of our clients helps us match them effectively, ensuring successful outcomes for everyone involved.

  • A la Carte Chef / Bistro Chef:
  • Preparing dishes to order in a restaurant, café, or bistro kitchen.

  • Industrial Chef / Brigade Chef:
  • Preparing set-menu or made-to-order meals in institutional settings such as schools, hospitals, and aged care facilities. Typically involved in general brigade cookery under the supervision of a head chef.

  • Head Chef or Chef in Charge:
  • Overseeing the operations of the kitchen, which may involve supervising other staff, managing orders and inventory, designing menus, and being accountable to management.

  • Demonstration Chef:
  • Conducting demonstrations, whether verbal or non-verbal, showcasing company products.


Kitchen & Catering Staff

In every kitchen, whether visible to customers or behind the scenes, a vital set of skills is necessary to ensure smooth operations. This team handles food preparation and service, maintains cleanliness throughout shifts, restocks supplies, and operates equipment like tills and coffee machines to keep customers satisfied.

Our largest team focuses on food service and preparation in the Aged & Health sector, where maintaining a balance between menu design, cooking, and cost-effective service is crucial due to tight budgets. Despite budget constraints, we prioritize ensuring the satisfaction and well-being of both clients and residents.

Kitchen Hands and Canteen Assistants are often the experts at our supplied sites, possessing valuable knowledge of their kitchens and customers. Collaborating with them is essential for our Chefs to deliver food to expectations. Understanding the unique skills and experiences of each team member, along with providing specialized training, ensures they can navigate different kitchen environments effectively, contributing to the overall success and satisfaction of our clients and residents.

  • Catering Assistants / Food Service Assistants:
  • These individuals assist chefs by performing tasks such as basic food preparation, reheating food, providing customer service, and maintaining cleanliness.

  • Kitchen Hands:
  • Their responsibilities include basic dishwashing, operating commercial dishwashers, and general cleanup duties within the kitchen.

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