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Triniti Disability Support Service (Triniti) is always looking for ways to improve the services we provide to our valued clients. We work with each individual participant to ensure their needs are understood and continuously provided for. To further support people with disability, we have been keeping up-to-date with any changes to NDIS’s requirements, and to their service provision approaches. This ensures we take advantage of new and emerging requirements/approaches as shown on NDIS’s ‘Have Your Say’ webpage. This webpage covers:

  • open submissions,
  • recent consolations,
  • consultation summaries,
  • consultation submissions, and
  • information on when NDIS contacts participants.

Of greatest interest to Triniti was the home and living consultation summary. The consultation occurred over 12 weeks where participants were asked:

  • how they want to live,
  • what kind of supports help them to live more independently,
  • the challenges they face in achieving their home and living goals
  • how to support them to build their decision-making capability.

These questions were asked in a number of ways ie, through focus groups, online surveys, written submissions etc. The range of feedback options enabled participants to choose a way of communicating which best suited them. The main themes determined from the hundreds of responses received included:

  • participants wanting to better understand how the NDIS’s vision aligns with the way NDIS are currently managing home and living,
  • participants wanting the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to take a more active role in improving access to affordable and accessible housing,
  • support the introduction of more flexible budgets to spend on home and living supports in ways that matter to participants,
  • participants wanting more information and clarity on how they can be protected from conflicts of interest, and
  • participants wanting more options to try innovative and creative home and living supports.

The full report, also available in EasyRead and Auslan, can be found here.

Triniti will work closely with our clients to provide (where possible) support and help, or referrals for support, in the above mentioned areas. Triniti will also continually follow up on further developments in these areas and will provide our participants with updates when they become available.