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Therapeutic Support

Allied Health Service

One of the largest categories of registered providers is the allied health industry, which offers participants therapeutic support. Our allied health professionals help you lead an independent and active life, collaborate with you to deliver the best care. Speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy are some of our allied health services.


In our comprehensive suite of disability services on the Central Coast,Campbelltown and Liverpool, our physiotherapists undertake the essential tasks of evaluation, diagnosis, planning, and administering patient care. With expertise in the structure and movement of the human body, our dedicated physiotherapists work with individuals of all ages, addressing a diverse array of medical conditions. Their specialized skills contribute to the overall well-being of our clients as they navigate through personalized treatment plans tailored to promote optimal health and function.

Occupational Therapy

At our disability service near you, our occupational therapists are dedicated to prioritizing health and wellbeing. They focus on empowering participants to actively participate in daily life activities, encompassing essential self-care routines like showering, dressing, and food preparation. Additionally, our occupational therapists facilitate engagement in productive activities such as work, volunteering, education, and caregiving, as well as fostering recreational and social involvement through hobbies, community groups, and friendship circles.

Speech Therapy

As trusted NDIS providers in Liverpool,Campbelltown and Central Coast, our speech therapists specialize in diagnosing and treating communication disorders. These encompass challenges related to language comprehension, social skills, stuttering, listening, speaking, writing, and reading. Participants we support may face communication difficulties stemming from various conditions such as stroke, learning disabilities, developmental delays, dementia, hearing loss, intellectual disability, brain injuries, cerebral palsy, and other factors affecting language and speech.In addition to the mentioned services, our speech therapists extend their expertise to help individuals experiencing difficulty swallowing food or liquids.

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